The Legend Lives On…

Jack Riley’s spirit thrives in the Upper Murray. Immortalized in the poem, ‘The Man from Snowy River’, he is the quintessential Australian hero, emerging out of poverty in Ireland, riding into our hearts and souls. He rides for you and me. He does not tire. His resolve is sure, his purpose clear.

By night he pierces through the moonlit darkness at speed. He cuts a swath through the grassy high plains and tenaciously climbs rugged mountains to protect and serve while we sleep. By day he sits astride his fearless horse watching over us as we journey.

If you listen carefully as you travel through the Upper Murray and the Australian Alps you will hear the kookaburra, cockatoo and galah singing his praise with delight while the kangaroos, wallabies and bandicoot follow his track in harmonious accord.

He has learnt to love the Dreaming. He carries forth the spirit of an ancient land so we who are diverse and many can journey together as one Australia.
Copyright 2012 John Bacash

The names of the runs of the Upper Murray region (From Jean Carmody's book "The Early Days of the Upper Murray", Shoe-String Press, 1981).